jeudi 3 mai 2012

UDK terrain and custom shader

I'm currently doing a level in UDK to apply some technical skills I've recently discovered. Here the work in progress of my terrain and a sketch concept for the environment.

dimanche 18 mars 2012

darksider 2 progress

After a day of sketching in Zbrush with like 30 different subtool i'm getting closer to the shape i want while refining the aggressive look of the skull. Still working on the shape and soon enough i'll want to shoot myself for a good 15 hours retopology. But sketching in Zbrush is always so relaxing if it isn't for the retopo this could'nt be called a work ;).

lundi 20 février 2012

Some images of my demo and project before my website get hosted

Here some images of  my demo and project since my professional website hosting is still pending until 22-02-2012 ! By the way, I'll still use this blog to update some projects WIP and maybe post tutorials or useful scripts that I'm working on right now. Hope you'll enjoy ! I can't wait to get the website online with my outstanding 3D viewer that will let you turn around most of my project. Feel free to comment !

samedi 17 décembre 2011

Demo Reel Modeling/Texturing 2011

Here's the link for the demo I've made to conclude my formation ! Hope You'll enjoy feel free to comment !

dimanche 4 décembre 2011

ENDI game FPS released !

A short teaser game made in 9 weeks with a wonderful team of 17 CG artists, 8 Sounds Artists and a skillful part-time programmer. We had a great times doing this game and trying to overcome every time and resources constraints. I did, like everyone else, many research, game design and level design. I started has an environment artist/technical artist then moved to the character team to improve the non-linear pipeline which allowed me to make monsters and improve my Zbrush skills ! Almost every character modeling and rigging were made in 1 day so the animator could look for reference and planning their animation during that time. Texturing characters and polishing them took the rest of the week. Hope You'll enjoy it ! Try to finish it there's a reward at the end.

*Note: The easy mode is really too easy you might not even encounter enemies don't choose this if you've ever played a First Person Shooter. ;)